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Save As Helper

Save As Helper is a simple add-on that will help you to save a duplicate file in one shortcut.

Why I Would need to save duplicate files?

If you have any problems like:

- Corrupted file

- Your file doesn't open anymore

- No More "ctrl+Z" Actions

- Would like to continue to work on an older version of your file

- Any other problem that will be a big problem if you have only one file.

Duplicating files, you can easily "go back some versions" and continue to work.

You will Find a Detailed Description at this link:

Save As Helper Documentation:

Documentation Page:

Alternative Documentation on Google Docs

Update Log:

Bug Report:


- The shortcut works only in the View 3D Space

- Works in Windows OS only

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Save As Helper Addon

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Save As Helper - Blender Addon

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