ToOptimize Tools - Blender Addon

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What is ToOptimize Tools?

ToOptmize Tools is an addon for Blender that will help you to optimize your scene in a simple way with very useful tools. The addon will show you what is making your scene heavier, comparing each object, collection, texture, and material in your scene!

With one click you will find...

  • What collection is making my scene heavier?
  • Find which objects are making your scene heavier...
  • Material Benchmark System
  • Image Data Analyzer
  • Image/Texture Resizer
  • Find the object with more vertices in your scene!
  • Find objects with Subdivision Modifier
  • A Material Slots Cleaner (That Works with Huge Scenes)
  • Just delete Subdivision Modifier from any object

You will Find a Detailed Description at this link:

ToOptimize Tools Documentation:

Documentation Page:

Alternative Documentation on Google Docs

Bug Report Page:

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- Compatible with Windows OS only

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ToOptmize Tools Addon


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ToOptimize Tools - Blender Addon

2 ratings
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