MPalette Pro - Blender Addon

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MPalette Pro - Blender Addon

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What is MPalette Pro?

MPalette Pro is an addon for Blender 3D that will speed up the shading process in your scene/model.

With this addon, you can keep some materials in one click of distance. letting you assign them to any object in seconds. you can create your own palette for one blend file, or create a material library with your favorite materials to use in any project!

And what is MP Fast Props?

MP Fast Props is an extension of MPalette Pro, this tool will change the way you use your own materials forever. in seconds you can change the properties of one material, or in different materials at the same time.

Why Two Different addons?

Because they are just perfect together but can be bought and used separately if you want just one of them!

With these two tools together, you can create your own material library with materials that have fast properties, that you can change in seconds.


Included in MPalette Pro:

  • Material Palette
  • Fast Material Library
  • Fast Assign Materials

Included in MP Fast Props:

  • Quickly change material properties
  • Material Variables
  • Global Material Variables

You will Find a Detailed Description at this link:


MPalette Pro Documentation

Documentation Page: https://help.cgoutset.com/docs/mpalette-pro/

Alternative Documentation on Google Docs

MP Fast Props Documentation

Documentation Page: https://help.cgoutset.com/docs/mp-fast-props/

Alternative Documentation on Google Docs

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- Works in Windows OS only

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