EasyBackup - Blender Addon

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EasyBackup - Blender Addon

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All 3d Artists needs to make backups from project files

EasyBackup is here to make it fast and simple!

EasyBackup is an addon for Blender 3D that will make the backup process much simpler. Setting up fell parameters in each file, you will be able to generate backup files every time you want, in a different directory, in seconds, and in one click.

In one click, you will do all of this at once:

*Without even changing or leave the original file

  • Save the original file in a different directory
  • Save The backup file with a specific name
  • Automatically Pack all textures in the Backup File
  • Automatically Add Data, Time, and a Custom Suffix to the file name
  • Automatically Duplicate File if exists a backup file with the same name
  • Know the last time you did a backup from this project file
  • Your backup file will be in a cloud folder if you want (Like One Drive)

You will Find a Detailed Description at this link:


EasyBackup Documentation

Documentation Page: https://help.cgoutset.com/docs/easy-backup/

Alternative Documentation on Google Docs

Bug Report


Update Log



- Works in Windows  OS only

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Easy Backup Addon

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